Test in progress.  Hoping for negative.  Training all day, didn’t sleep well.  Miss the kids and kept thinking about them, Jack and how he’s doing with his most recent covid stint.  Break over in 13 minutes.  Just checked on test and it looks like a light positive.  FUCK.  So over this.  Nurse friend last night told me after Day 10 I’m cleared no matter what.  So much time, but what can I do.  Use it… take everything in, in this new story and this isolation.  Use the room, my own thoughts.  Didn’t wake early this morning like I wanted but I have the next few days it looks like.  Exploring my own thoughts and optimism, vision, whatever I can call it.  What else do I have.. THOUGHTS.  One of which is how I have to use these goddamn cheater glasses more and more.