1:17 not hungry for lunch, took a shower instead.  Have a call any minute, till then collecting and looking through notes.  All this technology, new technology anyhow I’ll speak it.  That’s what sales is, I’ve realized since Sonic… reshaping self and sight, your unique speak.

Starting to see something in myself, thinking about next steps and potentials for futures, plans and what be, when I should be solely realizing what I’m doing, where I am.  Thought about this quite a bit and realized my mind was going outside the immediate moment when in the sales training.  Stopped myself, and doing the same now, right before opening this Diet Coke.  Need it, getting tired and hungry.  Should have eaten something.  Shit.

And stop thinking so much.  Stop thinking, PERIOD.  Movement, keep the beat, be Coltrane, in EVERYTHING.

Staying present while still going above it, for the view.. the appreciation.  I use that word a lot, I know, but I mean it.  Especially with this new story.  2:30 now and unsure about rest of day.  Quiet in house..  Stay present and at desk.