More nasal-y and couch prone this morning than yesterday from what I remember.  Plenty of sleep, ready for day and training on some CRM or lead gathering program.  Day 4 today, hoping and hoping and more hoping for a negative tomorrow when I test.  I’ll take it midday, that should be a safe or sound strategy.  Give the covid the first half of the day to get the fuck out.

Coffee now, settling in.  My one objective for today is this training and rest.  Do some exercise.  A walk, will take the running route down Conde.

Just invited to a sales training, 11am it starts.  Someone I haven’t yet met inviting me.  As many conversations as I can start, as many people as I can meet… my plan, Beat.

9:40 break from training that was just announced this morning. Sales training with the VP of Sales Development.  She’s amazing.. her energy and positive disposition and explanation of everything.  Her and I are very similar, I can see.  She a couple times complimenting my energy and attitude, “…And you have covid!… You’re gonna kill it, I know.” She said.  Made me smile.

This new sales story, EVERYTHING I need to give the kids opportunities, as well as myself.  Have to be back in a little over 10 minutes.  My excitement and eagerness and inner-narrative is more than I can handle, nearly.  Got m ore coffee from coffee corner in loft kitchen.

HAPPY… in a way I haven’t been in years.  Last night’s call with kids and their mother, doing something to me.  Composition, like I said to VP this morning.  Story about this rep in Northwest, Seattle I believe, making President’s Club in under 6 months.  Trip is to Iceland.  Let’s see…. 6 moths from now would be…. April.  Whatever, in 6 months or less I WILL kill Quota.  No limitation on deployment.  Huh… imagine that.

No disrespect to anyone or anywhere, just thinking of this story versus the last.  Hav to credit the last for getting me here though, no denying.  Longer I’m in sales I see the connectedness of everything.  This office to where she’s calling from DC. 

Have to calm self, temperament.  Not so much slow, but Equilibrium, one reflective and stabilizing.  Bed earlier tonight, telling self again.  Like last night.  Could have been earlier, but…. Took time to relax, thank about kids, some writing, watch a movie I confess.  But tonight, DISCIPLINE.

Under sheets at 9:30, latest.  Wake at 5-something, write, plan.. how the sales story will go, succeed.

Logging back in, 8 minutes.  No questions, just openness.  Accepting everything.  Listening, erecting later.  Consolidation… having things easy.  That’s what happiness is – celebration of the seemingly simple, the singular.  I keep thinking about end-games, or the grand aim and goal of my story.  Honestly, the kids – that they’re happy and healthy, that they have EVERY opportunity.  Financial freedom for myself and them.

Logging back in…. Want more.  Loving all words and expressions, all these stories she’s telling, how she speaks of the products and timelines, the company, all of it.