Another meeting at 1.  Then a break.  Break from coffee.  Listening to a virtual meeting, one recorded months ago.  Going to do well here, I know.  I’ve decided so, but also from my knowledge and abilities in this field.  Had a jam session, quick one, with trainer on a sales pitch, elevator pitch.  Told her I don’t do such “pitches”, that I get to know the human but still communicating crucial content regarding the managed service I’m selling.

This experience, how I sold myself to get here, narrated my SELF to get here.  That’s what I’ll continue to do but I don’t need to tell you that.  You’ve read that here before.  Emotion now, calm, content.  And hungry, but could use a nap more than anything edible.  Tomorrow and Sunday morning practice runs for Monday morning and the drive to SF.

All this information and considerations concerning properties fascinate me, endlessly.  Never thought I’d be in this conversation coming from the wine and academic terrains.  Next week, going o meet every human I can in this multifamily place and platform.  Rebranding myself, I think…. With all this information and these new conversations.

4-6 months.  That’s my plan, and aim.  Be up and running and selling by then.  Just my first week, I know.  But my hunger is one of my more agreeable traits and honestly something I love about myself. So I’m not stopping.

Budgeting later, new drawing of.  New plan, all around simplicity and consolidation.  Last night having a little of that Cline Mourvedre I thought about my life, its composition and entirety.  That thought of ‘last times’.  Last time I apply for a job, last time I work at a winery, last time I spend time with certain people, talk to them….  Interesting to look at life that way. This is the last “job” I’ll ever have, apply for.  That’s the way I’m making it. There is NO possibility of me not doing well… I’m going to startle the company with how well I do.  My energy and enthusiasm as a few people have already commented.  That is my brand, that is my voice, that’s my “pitch”.