9:51 making way through receipt piles then pile of papers and files to file.  Want to be as paperless as possible, for this office to truly give off the vibe of minimalism – simplification, singularization and consolidation.

Latte from sbux this morning, Bennet Valley after getting gas which I never do.  Starbucks nor BV.  Here I am, bulldozing into Friday, readying for the city on Monday.


Receipts done, cash counting done, now one more pile.  Don’t think’ll take too long.

Found a note from recently, I don’t know exactly when – If it’s negative or doesn’t make you smile, forget it.  There’s no purpose.

So true.  And all this clutter and paper piles and stacks blizzards in no way make me smile.

10:54 everything filed, desktop clear and clean.  Keep it this way, challenge, one exciting.  Writing it, my head and thinking and when I notice myself procrastinating or putting something off, or if I get distracted by one of the babies… when I come back, sooner or later either way jot it.

The big kids, both of them smiling and waving, looking back as they walked to their respect areas, doors.  Doesn’t happen too much where they’re this effusive.  My heart is heaping this morning, I’m more than grateful… this is more than the gratitude that me and Ms. Kerri talk about.  Not sure what it is but a wild and expansive and tireless version of love.

Still working on latte, about to move this laptop over to the ottoman where it should be.  Writing in sofa chair only, no desk.  Maybe today, but pas plus.  I love this desk, don’t mistake, but I want to have it for other work.  Not BDX or the vvv blog, to which I haven’t posted in too long.  Last wine of note was…. Well, there were a couple.  The Martin Ray Pinot and…