One story ends, another starts.  Call at 10:30, then errands after that.  Odds, ends, and just calm.  Yesterday was absolutely draining at the winery… pleasant and positive of course, just long.  More glasses washed than I ever again want to.

Consolidating, EVERYTHING.  Not taking on any new projects I’ve decided.  Keeping contained, more composition that way.  More of a set and known story.

Didn’t sleep well, still waking up, second double-espresso already.  Keeping the day simple, and all days succeeding.  Heading to office a bit before noon.  Dinner plans with Ms. Kerri tonight, 7pm.

Simplicity, consolidation… this New Mike Madigan only needs such scenes.  No more complications and excess quantity of new business and projects.  One Road… MINE.

Espresso waking me, starting to do its job, sing what it wants.  List of to-do’s, getting longer.  Stopping at a certain number.  Can’t believe I’m here, this new story which includes this condo and the Town of Windsor, this morning.  Grateful for EVERYTHING, so much so I’m melting in my own retaliations and connections to what’s around me, immediately.  The stairs, this window in front of me, the fence.  No need to wish when everything I need is already placed with me, delivered by the story.