…doing calls from HQ tomorrow, run as well. 

No excuses for not getting out today.  I’ll figure it out, all of it.  EVERYTHING.

Sparkling water, calming.  Peace felt now, some nerves about scenes approaching.  And feel like one of my students unable to write.  Stuck, near surrender.   Looking at desktop, starting to clutter again.  How did that happen?

About two hours, little less, til I leave to get Jack.  

Need to make something happen.  Go write somewhere, something.  This isn’t working, the room and desk and….

Needed a break.  Couldn’t find chocolate syrup at Safeway, walked around like a crazy person or someone who was just, or with dementia or something.  Got what I needed, enough to get through night for sure.

“Overthinking is a happiness foe.” I just wrote in the Happiness Project Journal.  Yes, working at office and one other spot, running from HQ and staying for food truck Friday.  Doing everything I want… HAPPINESS.  Having to consult the list I started, a list of ideas and topics and Roads for writing in the event I stall, or am kept in place by my own overthought.  Can’t wait for the kids to be here, they always help.