Telling self to relax again.  Couldn’t nap, too much in thoughts’ composition.  Diet Coke, shower in a bit.  Everything measured, EVERYTHING.  Shorter posts… staying up tonight and working while little Henry sleeps, big kids too.  Everything now is about ‘ben’, #blogeverythingnow.  Has to be.  Singularization and consolidation.  Focus…

How to make a story from anything.  Today, the ups and downs of it, useful turbulence.

2:07, little over two hours till I have to leave and get Henry… using everything.  Old pictures, old journal entries, quoting my loved authors… writing self a quick poem – 

The sky has the color I determine

Doesn’t have to be what they want for me

And it won’t

They’re chosen gray, no brightness or light

What they draw for me

Not accepted, I have a sheet already

My colors my tone my voice

Not theirs

They’ve only proceeded comedy

Thinking their order can lock onto me

My mind now.  Back to AE story, About EVERYTHING.  What will come from this, the latest draft of New Mike Madigan, they will not be prepared for.

Kerri texting “Mike Madigan is a fucking badass.” Need to believe, see that.  She always raises this writer’s way and day.