Writing list of things to do, people to email.  Nice night with Mom and Dad, dinner and wine, conversation, strategy a bit but just enjoying the time.  And that earthquake…. 2 of them.  Reminding me where I am.  Was almost paralyzed by the strength of the shakes, like the whole planet under me was moving.  So weird.

Appointment with SE set for 9:30, another small prospect locally.  Calling wine business owners right at 9, especially one of them that I have continuously missed because of my own work and other shit going on.

Encouraged this morning, confident and with controlling sense of ambition and reaching several destinations.

Quiet, educator.  Espresso then coffee, no surprise.  Not letting myself go to Noto, trying to conserve cash and later having to get to the store for the kids this weekend. Single dad mode already and with EVERY engine.

Seeing Henry yesterday at his first day of preschool, briefly, turning around and seeing me and not reacting much but rather continuing to play with a steering wheel on the playground set.  Something about that kid causing me to be more reflective and grateful than pretty much anything or anyone around me.