Productivity storm, me this morning.  Too driven, and I don’t mean excessively, just too drive to let anything negative or nay-saying slow me.

Smile and love exponentially, I just wrote in the Happiness Project Journal.  Off phone with winey owner, and his energy and positive insistence with everything he’s doing and has done and plans to do….  His focus on vineyard sustainability and customer care, relationships, traveling with them… addressing the concept of work and the connotation the word can have… more than inspiring or motivating.  I’m seeing all this differently.

Capturing everything as I’ve noted… poetry int he room with me and these movement, the fence outside and my neighbors ones I know and don’t.  Last night wine with Dad and tasting the Chardonnay and whatever red I opened.  Wine in everything, all this… my own label, my ‘dream’ as his he said his wife’s label is called, “Dawn’s Dream”.

Need to get down there and visit, experience it… Monterey and Carmel.  Again.  And by myself.  Starting to plan it, materialize it.  Inexpensive hotel found, can go down weekend of the 24th, after the kids are picked up.  I’m doing this.

Looking at journal, building…