My feelings this morning are those of certainty and sight.  Knowing what the agency will look like.  Appreciation of the now yes but more so understanding it not so much for value but application.

Everything in the EVERYTHING is where it should be, inviting.  Only work, that’s the only manuscript purposed to layer and aggrandize.

I’m sure so many single parents get frustrated to a point of surrender and nihilism.  Luckily, Dad taught me to think and deconstruct – This [moment] will never happen again, Dad said he realized once with me as a parent.  I see that all now with Jack helping his little brother find his Cocomelon show or something that will appease him on the bigger TV.

Jack asks if he can have breakfast and I come clean with the no milk chocolate or other reality and offer to take him to Starbucks as an alternative, he agrees.  Dodged a bullet, this time.

Check on HLR’s waffles…. Done.  I put them on a plate, Emma playing her haircut game wanting to show me all the intricacies and saved results, making my heart melt and reshape with each word offered from her sweetest petit voice.