Another idea hits this morning, after talking to

Kerri and reviewing notes from meeting with Dad last night.  Projects compile and Compose themselves in front of me.

Another thought won’t type nor post….  How long will waiting be permitted, as in waiting for someone’s approval, or ‘yes’, or go-ahead.

Meeting at 11:30, follow-up to on last week, related to department transfer.  Not worried, not anticipating, no reaction really.  Just wanting the forward movement, which I myself will ensure transpires.

Music just put on, old track by The Dining Rooms, Numero Deux.  Haven’t heard this track in a bit, reminds me of commuting to Napa Valley College for whatever I was teaching at the time.  Then later, driving to ‘the box’, the wine marketing firm on 1st & Main downtown Napa.

Moderating my mood this morning, new manuscript.  New thesis and obligations.  Necessity and invention, singing.  Magic postmodern and where I am.. the Sedaris quote of nothing happening but still having a lot to say… all a chorus in this new Now.

Driving here from Santa Rosa, putting my current reality on a map…. Kids, condo, work.  Next moves, stress and anxiety but only if I allow.