Temp falls to 102.  Have not left the condo once today.  Tempted to just get out as I’m getting frustrated and stir crazy and edgy.


Done with dinner.  One of the tamales Katie gave me.  100 outside.  Lovely, I wrote and posted.  Pinot Rosé… haven’t been out of the house except to get the mail.  No money spent.  Early bed will definitely happen.  Gym in morning, one hour or more on tread then taking in RAV for her first service.


Starting to feel tired and like I don’t want to write.  Make something happen.. see what others are doing.  Have conversations, characters characters CHARACTERS.

Still 100.  How.  Tempted to go for a walk and see how it feels…

8:37…. Obsessed with the temp.  94 I believe now.  Is that right?  Yep.  I office, not doing much but sipping a Napa Cab and thinking…. Still aiming for early bed.

Notes, slow… not many at one time.  Wine speaking to me, telling me… so much.  About me, what I’m doing as an AE, at Sonic, in relationships and “relationships”.  Stay here, in the office… no spending today, don’t respond to calls to have a beer somewhere.  Up early in the morning, see what happens… to gym, then back for AE story… What else.  Emily Dickinson poems at left… not much is needed for a statement, space-wise.  I need to keep reminding myself of this.  All writers do.  If I ever teach again, at some institution or online, on my blog….. emphasized.

Night, quiet now.  No one messaging me to come out, have a beer.  Thankfully, good… just want to be here with this Cab and listen to music like I was last night with parents and then by self after they left.

Shifting story educating…