8:46 just dropped off RAV here at dealer for 5k service.  Working on AE laptop.  Thinking reinvention….  Need added revenue.  Has to be from blogging or design, website building for small businesses.  Starting today….  No joke.  No phony promises, no promissory notes to be unfulfilled.  It’s happening.  TODAY.

Starting with this entry.. meditation and mindfulness at a car dealership, or anywhere.  Aware of who I am and what I do, where I’m going.  Past pictures giving insight into certain things, habits and interests, but everything starts over today.

Lady walks in wheeling a harp.  Seriously, a harp.  Man shows her a safe spot for it.  She follows him wheeling it, pushing the strings from behind holding the curved wooden side.  Lift head and look left, see it in one of the little office spaces.  Symbol obvious… music, happiness, playing a new song.

Coffee here isn’t that bad, honestly.  May get a latte after this, at Noto.  I deserve it not spending a single cent yesterday, and today my push for Newness and new ways in the Mike Madigan story lifts off. 

About EVERYTHING designing.  Today.. right now.  Something from nothing, that’s what someone like me or anyone really has to do if they want a shift in the story.  9am and I’m more alive than I was all day yesterday or maybe ever.  Multiple projects today, whatever I lose track of wasn’t meant to stay.. that’s how I see it.

-AE designing website

-3 posts today, each its own launching point or idea that could be a business or cultivated project


Ideas and ideas and more….  Keep them coming.  Rising to new occasion, fixing my story or applying maintenance in the same manner that materializes here.  Finding more pictures I took months and years ago and posted to this blog.