Last day of the month and I want a sale, any size.  Sitting at a small little bistro table, circle shape, and not my regular table here at Farmers since some kid was sitting there waiting for her order.  About to restart computer and clean it up a little, desktop at everywhere else as well.

Thinking Bottledaux this morning after another night of disrupted sleep then a little 3.3 earthquake.  Fine.. I’m here for then next two hour, so till about 11:30, then to  HQ for run.  5k, today and tomorrow and everyday…  going back to a running like a lover from which I was separated.

Was about to get up and go to my table seeing the girl and her mother got their order and left, but now…. Another couple high school kids sit there.

Going to restart laptop now, will be back in a bit…

9:46 Ae laptop restarted and cleaned up and consolidated a bit.  Emailed 3, actually 4 prospects.  Planning on moving at an eased pace today.  Dinner with parents planned, possible wine with a friend later but I’m hoping to be in the chair as I planned.

David my AE friend invites me to a virtual run of 16K and I have to tell him I need to get my distance back, starting with today’s 5k around the office.

Students messaging me for grades…. Definitely not teaching next semester.  Focusing here, HERE… the page, me, this new Mike Madigan… see how well I know him.

Stopping for a second and asking self what I REALLY want… I already know but I need to stop and not doing anything and see it clearer.



Latte, had to wait too long for it.. make your own at home

Email from prospect, slight chance of some ink today….  Oh please of please of PLEASE!!!!