Already 11:32, jesus.  Meeting with referral partner earlier, a conversation with another writer and one real and giving me ideas for Bx and how to mold it into a more expansive and creative tide, body….  Now at Farmers sbux, trying to talk myself into prospecting new business.  Trying to reach that point where I NEVER have to prospect again.  Or at least not as I do.

Send an email in a second to……  Then after that or at some point get in a 5k run.  It will happen today.  Trouble with inte3rent connection, fuck it.

Still not in a prospecting mood.  Sent email.  Will I get in run… ten minutes from noon.  How did that happen…. Writer through and past it I tell myself but the counsel doesn’t connect.

Water… too much caffeine earlier.  Settling, settling… trying.  Thinking of wine and paragraphs associated with recently tasted characters.  I’m spun and rampant this morning…  Run with it, MADNESS useful.  Why avoid or reject music that’s given tot you – Two students studying or going over something for a class at a table to left, about 12 or so feet away. Actually, think they may be talking about winemaking – lactic acid, appearance they just said.  And there it is, “Then the Chardonay will be like…” It is winemaking they’re talking about, I knew it.

Tasted a ’12 Italian bottle last night, and it didn’t show me anything I’d dance to, no music that I’d keep in head to sing to self.  There was music there, just not MY music.  Thought again this morning about the block around the SB lot over three years ago, right before I decided to leave the industry full-time and step into internet and tech….  Something similar materializing now.  But what for this Beat, for this new Mike Madigan draft?