Acre Coffee, sparkling water and breakfast sandwich.

Sandwich done, prospecting lightly, and just taking in where I am.  Everything about it.  Thinking of new conversations and where they can lead, with businesses, people, myself…. All of it.  Truly being About EVERYTHING.  The AE story will work and be my bridge to IT if I write the entire thing.  Everything about it.  EVERYTHING, in being About Everything.  The slow months, the months where I absolutely kill it and destroy my quota, then times like this where I’m just waiting on call from an IT partner where he says, “Okayyyyy, send over the contracts for all four locations!” Or for some prospects to just sign and return their fucking Docusigns….  Writing all of it.  So, if I’m being honest, right now I’m working kind of but really just killing time, or taking a very, very extended break.

Mothers walking around with their kids, some kids bringing their homework with them.  Tempted to follow up on a couple leads but too tempted and don’t want to break my silence, not yet.  Letting it accumulate, aggrandize, layer and intensify.  Don’t reach out, not just yet.  Let them think, if they’re thinking about me and the possibilities in working with me.  Let yourself be distracts, I say to myself.  No run, again, today.  There’s tomorrow morning.  Have a feeling I’ll be going to bed earlier tonight—

Notified that one of the prospects looked at the contract, AGAIN.  Jesus just sign the fucking thing already.  Just laugh about it, laugh…. It’s like waiting for lotto results, or a Covid test.  Set upa phone call with somewhat new prospect tomorrow, so that’s good.  So I worked today, I guess… I have to laugh, and I am laughing.  Why do I say that, “I have to….”? Who knows.  Maybe that’s part of the humor, the internal dialogue and voices, decisions or indecisiveness.  All of it.  About…. EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGG…..