Arms tight and incredibly sore.

Emma asks for orange juice, I make coffee.  Just her and I downstairs.  Emma tells me she hasn’t yet brushed her teeth.  I tell her that’s fine, it’s Saturday, no rush.  She then further explains, “When you don’t brush your teeth, THEN you can have orange juice.” I thank her for the clarification and knowledge, she goes back to watching her Saturday kids show.

What am I doing today, besides going one thing I have to do and in no way look forward to.  Never mind the now, enjoy your morning, much as that’s possible barely able to bend arms.  Knew this would happen.

Thinking a trip to….  NO.  And then comes the indecision.  What do I do, I could do this or that or something else….  READ.  The new copy of the Plath entries I bought yesterday.  Been meaning to do the for years, honestly.  The one I used during semesters and in between is just too beat up.  Want to see more of her work, read her sketches and how her thoughts shaped day to day.

Just started a poem, one line, 11 syllables.  Commit to verse, I keep telling myself.  Music –