Meeting went well, well as it could go I guess.

Lunch in Rohnert Park by myself at a place I don’t think I’ve been to since college.  Had two tacos, carne asada, add guac and sour cream which I shouldn’t have done.  Not a heavy lunch, but should have just had the tacos, beans and rice.  Here at coLAB now, no workout.  Prospecting not catching anything, and I’m about ready to say fuck it, call the day and get off early.

Still full from tacos, does that mean my stomach shrank from all this fasting I’m doing?

Think there’s espresso here.  Need.  Need to be quicker, post more, cover more ground.  Another idea, but I keep it in vest.  No one else in this room with me…. IDEAS.

Listening to LoFi bets, but the phone’s low on power.  Well, not that low… lower than I wanted.

Losing interest in prospecting.  Take a walk around this place, go bug the girls at front desk/s.  Do something.  Don’t just sit here and complain about whatever you can think of.  Like Darcy said yesterday, “…don’t give a shit.”

New track, same mood.  Prius needs gas… and to be set on fire.