4:25, watching giants game.

Been watching more baseball lately.  The other night watched the A’s game with the Red Sox that went into extra innings.  Week started… have precise targets for tomorrow.  Eased, relaxed, new music.  Thinking bout the brunch meeting I had with the Senior AE on Friday, talking about prospecting and “networking”, a term I don’t much like but the inference I’m completely adept to.

Bought new shoes today.  Small things, they say.  And it’s true.  Did some writing downtown, walked around Barnes & Noble, and while just looking at magazines and novels then nonfiction, I remembered I worked there for a short time, while at SSU.  The then-manager that hired me said the building was haunted.  And I remember one time stocking shelves and thinking something was behind me… looked and of course nothing, but I never for got that.  Thinking, “Is this place haunted?”

Thinking about the kids, how they’re just growing and aging and how I’m aging.  Of course Mom and Dad tell me I’m a young man at 42 but my brain wants debate.  Consolidation, simplification…. New story.

New music.

Everything exhausted is immediately dispelled.  Everything is music, everything a new song.