one minute read #2

Bottle of water at Stony Point Starbucks.

Really am trying to back on caffeine.  So here’s an attempt.

Meeting with Senior AE over brunch at Omelet Express at 11:30.  Will leave here 11:10.  Maybe a little earlier.  Know what I’m ordering already, attempt at new diet with more, much more vegetables.  I’m pretty good at eating veggies, fruit.. but need to amplify for the Holy Contour running declaration project.  5k today, no fail.  Around Sonic HQ, later when it’s warmer though I don’t think it’s supposed to get much past the low 80s or high 70s.  Marin half’ being held 10/31… have till then to get into the best half-marathon shape I’ve ever been in.  Need to run more hills, more straightaways which I hate.  

Running.. everything is running and what it entails.  How you run, where you route out….   Sipping water hoping it quells hunger.  Looking up new routes, all over Sonoma County, some in Marin.  Sunriver, then Colorado… the end-aim is to run everywhere I can in the world.  Yes, everywhere.  Florida, along the beach levy in Miami, one or all of them.  All of them.

12 hours and 9 minutes into fast.  Yesterday’s was considerably longer if you don’t count the tall latte I had on drive to SF.  And there’s another place I target with this Holy Contouring running declaration.  Along Embarcadero, but as well where I was yesterday which I think is the Mission District, right?  19th & Alabama?