Home from taking Jack and Emma to camp, and after a stressful and intense morning with the two offspring I need this quiet, and I need this collection for purposes of happiness to collectivity, to productivity, my character’s immediate composition and mental assembly.  Not giving in to any mood, none…. Not even the positive ones.  Just going to produce.

Already had espresso, so veins are smoldering with eagerness and intention.  Contract lands first thing this morning.  Not going to send in just yet, collection of Self first.  Ricardo’s cleaning crew to be here around 2, which gives me more than enough time to settle into day and this sitting, looking for conversations into the day.

Readying to send new contract in, and thinking about Fall classes.  Yes it’s easy money but there is a time-suck factor to consider.  Not ready to cancel nor resign self to teaching again.  Completely online, and asynchronous, so……

The day, what.  What do I do with it.  Yes, get out of house one side says while the other asks why.  Make this work for you.  THIS, the desk, the house, the room, the morning, all.

Espresso wearing off, tiring.  Need something to antagonize.