Vein Bridge

Transparency, did take a nap.  Didn’t know I was that tired.  Doing laundry now, not the most exciting venture, if it’s even a “venture”.  Trying a new way of drying, with a more gentle cycle.  Fascinating, I know, I just hate when my jeans come out all fucking creased and wrinkled.  My sister recommended I try this a while back, see if it works.

81 degrees outside, perfect for a drive.  Oh, need gas.  Nearly forgot.  Where am I driving?  Windsor.  Not in the mood for the miles to HBG, and the parking that’ll assuredly follow that drive.

Thinking objectively, see me and my story not as me.  Take self outside of self.


Mike waits for the laundry.  Goes up to see how much time is left on this “gentle” cycle.

14 minutes.  May as well read 14 hours.  Laundry, easily one of his least favorite things in the world to do.  What does he love, he thought.  Drives, wine, music.  Then do that, he says to himself.

Mike lifts his head and looks outside, over to the neighbors down the street, right.  They’re in Tahoe…. He needs a drive like that, an escape like that.  Then make it happen, he writes on a post-it then placing it just under the spacebar.

He regrets taking the nap but then see it’s just what was needed.  Now he’s alive, now he wants more of the day, to get further into the day.  What is he looking for, with wine.  The story of wine and Sonoma County, and Napa too to an extent.  He wants more from where he is – the current story.  “I’m too old to be looking for new stories, or hope one finds me…. Use what IS.” he writes on day’s page.

Okay, how much more time…?  Still says 14.  What the fuck, he says to himself, then thinks maybe that makes sense, as it’s a gentle cycle.  Gentle minutes are slower than regular ones, maybe ….  This gives Mike a garrison of ideas.

Out the door.