Budget is thin. Not as much lunching or dining or anything out this week, for sure.  Sales Engineer up to Tahoe yesterday, me jealous.  I need a trip like that, or of any kind.  Get away, write, run.  Hoping to fit in a run today, somehow. There I go hoping again rather than just moving.

Kids enjoying their morning, me in here conspiring with this blogging business and effort – nearly hate to say it but assuming more the blogger’s reality than the writer’s. I mean, I AM a writer but here on this blog is where I’m the most honest.  Interesting how I’ve evolved as a character, how my mind has stayed much the same but materialization of thought has transformed.

May head into Kenwood today.  But, what would I do if I can’t have lunch, or taste anything?  Set a budget, maybe?  Stop planning, just move.  Again, that squirrel analogy rumbles in my synapses.  Indecision is far more polluting that no decision.  When a character makes the wrong choice, they learn and grow and the story is supplemented.  No decision is just a pause, a squandering of everything.

Wine speaking to me, all the pictures on this laptop and on phone, all the tasting rooms, yesterday stopping by Hook & Ladder to get a couple bottles, then Caddis tomorrow.  That shop in Calistoga Chris and I visited before hitting any tasting rooms.  The shop had been in her family for, I want to say, 25 years.  Her father recently passing, so she’s in charge.  Can’t remember her name but I can still feel the coolness of the air inside, and see Chris exploring those boxes on the floor of Ridge bottles from the 90’s, 80’s, and a could 79’s.  It dominates me story, whether I want it to or no.  So now I’m a YES vote for wine being on page, with a loud growling consistency.