7:24, Friday, day for calls.

Have a couple lined up.  Quiet house.  Everyone still asleep.  Henry coming down with me last night and falling right back into dreams as soon as I set him on the couch.  Can’t remember that ever happening.  ‘Cause it hasn’t.

Problem with espresso machine but fixed it – cleaning crew yesterday pushed it against wall by sink so the water tower wasn’t completely attached.  Solved, win 1 for the day.

Promised Jackie I’d get him a new bat tomorrow, and take him to batting cages.  Looking forward to the time with my little beat.  Been a bit since we’ve done something like that.

Opened a Zin last night, one my sister made from Russian River.  Not sure what to say about it other than it was fascinating, like a new novel read.  Zins always follow this pattern and tradition of overkill with alcohol, or the jammy thing, or pepper or spice, or just predictable Zin-ness.  Not this one, at all.  Had me thinking about writing wine again, but differently as well.  To do everything different – Be impossible to forecast as a writer, human.

Just wrote a quick self-note, something to ask my Engineer.  Following network paths, and finding all doors where I can deliver network.  This is more than internet for me, as I’ve written.  Taking Sonic’s ideals and thoughts, and making them MINE.  Everything from the revolution aspect tot he singularization and amplification of effort.  The quiet currently in house allows me to collect, compose more Composition.  No longer the young writer I was but still a writer and still thirsting for Newness both in experience and perspective, reality and interpretation of the reality…. Yesterday while in the office and walking from my friend John’s office to the back break area where the coffee machines are, I thought about writing every step, everything I’m seeing right then and there – the side office for colocation clients, the data center, the coffee machines of course, how I have to put badge in front of sensor in order to open door to and from the break room or office area… the idea that started where I am right now, in the chair in the office for an internet company.