11:02, been back from run for a few minutes.

3.21 miles, 9:40-something pace.  Injury’s resonance and feel has diminished immensely, thankfully.  Stretched more today, did the route I set to do.  Started the running declaration project, “Holy Contour”.  The aim is to not only finish a book and get back to the 8+ miles at lunch shape, but to feel better about myself as a runner.  Travel as a runner, do races in other states.  The latter of which probably happening in ’22.

No sparkling water in the house, goddamnit.  Going to Oliver’s for lunch… sparkling water, maybe a sandwich, some wine, fruits and veggies….  I want to live forever for my babies.  I want them to see me racing, crossing the finish line, reading my books on running and training then deciding themselves they want to run and be healthy, healthier, push themselves in one way or another if it’s not running.

Feeling like another coffee.  Day slow in AE world, so that may just need to happen.  And if it doesn’t, then use the energy I have, what’s already in veins, circulation present.

Writing about running, everything I do on the way to 26.2…