Day 3 of my running declaration.  No run yesterday, still felt the hurt in left right.  Before year’s end, I WILL have a couple halves logged.  That’s my promise to self, saving the 26.2 for 2022.  Life is so goddamn quick, more and more I realize especially lately.  Why not just do everything you want.  EVERYTHING.  And be About EVERYTHING.  An AE-minded manuscript.  That’s me, now… and till I’m stopped, by whatever.

LoFi beats playing, enjoying the quiet of house, total contrast to yesterday when Emmie and Henry were here, Melissa on a zoom… then cleaning crew coming later, Melissa’s friend to fix something…. Always something, yesterday’s feel and progression.  Not this morning though, at all.  The fact that it’s payday doesn’t have much to do with it, in fact it even more shoves me to my office where I’m paying myself and not waiting for any other body to deposit funds into checking.

8:58, first call getting out of the way is the lead from yesterday, guy saying he doesn’t want to pay what I quoted, for enterprise circuit.  “Good.” I thought.  “Enjoy your shitty Comcast shit.” If only I could say that… seriously.  If only.