8:41, about to get on phone, make the Friday calls.

No pain in right leg, strangely.  Strangely?  THANKFULLY.  Will be heading out for short run today.  5k-5mi.  Not a step more.

Inbound lead, someone I’ve already spoken to.  Last we spoke he said he didn’t need the Enterprise-echelon I represent.  I’ll call him again, I told one of the sales coordinators, see what he has to say.  Maybe something’s changed, you never know.

Just getting the day started, nothing monumental yet occurring.  Good thing… I want to ease into the day, this story of the 21st, 8 days from my birth.  What am I getting myself, as a present I mean…?  Nothing catches my brain or eye or circulation, at all.  Huh… maybe nothing this year… OR, something with music.  Like what.  Again, no idea.

Emma home again today, sick a bit.  Better spirits, just a cough and some sniffling.  Poor baby…. Can’t stand when she’s sick.  Just have to tell myself it passes, and it seems to be thankfully evidenced by her demeanor this morning.

Get alert of computer that 9am “Cold Calling Blitz” commences.  Have a few calls lined up.  May stop calling early …..