6.26 miles, averaging 9:42.

In NO way am I happy with that pace.  But, like my running buddy Manny told me, I got out there.  Pain in right leg and hip, and lower back.  Totally from the 7 I ran on Thursday.  Tomorrow holding self to 30 minutes, not a tick or tock more.

Big data contract could land any minute now.  That would take care of the month, and possibly next month as well.  Then what… keep that kind of beat playing, that kind of music.  I’m changing my tune, and track set, playlist…

Just got up and stretched, no pains yet.  Hopefully none at all before tomorrow, or ever.  I don’t want to be an injured runner who has to switch and “pivot” to something else like swimming, or cycling, or fucking yoga.  Don’t take that as slander, I enjoy all three.  None give me what running does.  They’re not like not running, not one.