Call with SE in a couple minutes.

Get another estimate to its destination, then run.  First finish latte…. Easy morning.  Well, so far.  Hopeful.  Much more sleep last night, which helps.  One hour run today, no excuses.  Put a couple things in mailbox and that’ll be my starting point, launch spot.  Usual route on Coffey Lane with some modification.

Making the home office work… moving a couple things around, then find something in drawer that one of the kids must have put in there.  Moving around.  Distracted from writing which annoys me.  Really annoys me.

A little overcast, or fog layer.  Either way, welcome.  Should’ve ran from the kids’ school like I said I would.  Just plugged in Garmin.  Everything is about the run today… everything.  Just thought of another street to run.  Then another.

Swig of latte, LoFi beats in play…. May need something with a bit more pace, encouragement.  Like what….  Jackie this morning telling me he’s more familiar with older songs than current ones.  Thought it was interesting that he made that categorization, the old and new and how he was so proud in his familiarity with older songs, “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister playing during his remark.

Over-planning day in head, but calmed by new track by Emancipator.  “Greenland”.  Heard this song a hundred or more times but it never fades in impression.  More pace and impact than the LoFi tracks I was just listening to.  Maybe run with music today?  Thinking no, but the thought’s there.

Reach goal now 1hr 20min run durations.  Different route I’m thinking, the entirety of Hopper then into Cleveland.  Want to feel this run, and feel different after it.  Write about it… write from memory, all runs, right when I get back.  Today the running changes, and I change with it.  Not so much more serious, but more THAT character.  A runner.  Want to if not this year then next run out of state, in Oregon to start more than likely, then eventually other states, countries.

Off the phone with Engineer.  Have to draft email.  Going to do that now then treat self to more writing…..  Nothing myself getting old, being a bit hurt from the 7+ miles last Thursday.  Just keep getting out there.  Do more short runs.  30, even 25-20 minutes if possible.  20 may be a bit light.  Setting a 30 minute minimum.

On writing break.  Sent draft to Engineer, Ditter.  Now, I think about my next target….  Need more businesses this size.  Not that I have anything against SMB, but the larger entities.  Looking around Bay Area, prospecting….  In a minute.  Need a couple for me, some self-talk.  No more of this imposter syndrome, DONE.  So… understand that I understand.  That I get this.. that Sonic and its Enterprise services and everything it messages are MINE.  That’s how I’m feeling… About EVERYTHING.  Not only that Sonic is but that I AM, and will be. 

Oh yeah….. class tonight.  Not thinking about it now.  This morning is for this, the AE beat.  Me in my mode and new manuscript.  Writing it the way I see most freeing.