Wanting EVERYTHING this morning, certainly in a different mood – coffee, 2nd cup.

Had the Caddis Cabernet last night and scribbled notes.  Well, that’s a lie, just thinking in head about books and the drive today to Tiburon, what I’ll do in Marin… today’s run and if I should do it from here and not around Sonic’s HQ.  Miss that route though…

Limiting self to 2 cups this morning.  Trying to cut back on caffeine… want the run to be natural and not uppers-driven.  Coffee’s considered an “upper”, right?

The quiet in the house, after one of the more easy and light mornings of late.  Melissa and I just laughing off Emma’s growls and screams at her brother, and Jackie making jokes that didn’t make much sense, like “Hey Dada, fun fact…. Did you know that wieners have eyes?  It’s a fun fact because… because… so… it’s fun because it’s funny.  Wieners have eyes.  Got it?” He didn’t care that his joke crumbled, but he laughed and was proud of his comedy, as was I.’’

Thought about watching the news, then thought “Eh….”

Thank I have an outfit more or less ready for the day.  No shower, just touch up shave and out the door.  Launch set for, 10am?  No… 9:30am.

Little Tycho in the room… more music.  Everyday, more.  And variance.  Letting this track finish ‘cause I don’t think I’ve heard it prior.  Anything and everything to make me feel young.  Not deceptively so, just… make me feel young.  That’s all you have to do, Music and Mike….  Cup two has me wanting to get out of the house NOW.  Why do I keep capitalizing?

Everything today changed, done differently.  No news, the coffee in Tiburon, walking around San Rafael again, then Bel Marin…. Build a network in Marin.  And not just for internet, for EVERYTHING.