Idea, somewhat forming, then just leaving.

Coffee… more.  Why not.  It’s morning.  Don’t think, just brew.

8:23, feel like a quick power nap over more coffee. Why not.

Need more humor.  Look in mirror.  You’re getting old.  That’s shit’s hella funny.

What the fuck are my whackjob neighbors doing at this hour?  Would look, but don’t care.

I’m cranky… shit, I am getting old.  I’m that person now, like a “grumpy”….

You only use that word for older people, I feel.  Yes, I’m old.  Wait, am I middle-aged?


10:16am, up from nap.  Espresso now as always, and back at desk.  My behavior, my character’s behavior… altering it somehow.  What would happen?  I’m fascinated by this suddenly…

11:20, call done.  Finished blog post for tonight’s class, lunchtime approaching.  Still in pj bottoms, hate that.  That espresso was beyond strong, haven’t stopped writing since waking from nap.  Wondering if I should try and run, or do a spin class on the Peloton.  Want to do more cross- training, so why not? 

Back to this idea of changing character’s mode and behavior… the alteration of atmosphere, of sight, of production.

Switching to sparkling water.  Getting dressed, I swear…