Day turned into a bit of a sandstorm with little bits of glass mixed in with the pebbles there for a minute.  Well, more like over an hour.  Things now calming.  Only Emma and I here now.  Getting into #professormikey mode… kind of.  Student just texted me saying he won’t be in class.  Wanted to respond “Why the fuck not?” Of course didn’t.  Didn’t say anything in response.  Think it’s time for some Sauv Blanc… first, clean desk a bit.  This clutter is giving me more of that feeling I had this morning.

Poured a glass.  Haven’t sipped yet.  Check blog, make sure the post is up….  It is.  Day’s been so crazy I can’t remember what I’ve done.

Looking over notes in another notebook, the one I use for AE notes and product pricing jots and questions, math attempts…. I mean, I can add prices together but I just write them a certain way in this journal to make sure it’s write at least 30% of the time, if that.

Emmie playing a game on the stairs.  I asked her to go in the other room, she said she’d go upstairs but only moved a couple stairs.  Wants to be close to her daddy.  Me, a dragon devil for asking her to relocate.

Melissa comes to pick her up after taking Jack to baseball, citing she needs some time to get out of house.  Me here again in quiet.  Love it so much I won’t even put on Thievery, or Tycho, or Coltrane, Sonny… nothing.  Just the sound of keys being pushed, my thoughts before class… seeing Bottledaux turn into a Sonic.  During meeting scribbled in the AE notebook – “Bottledaux is Sonic – Sonic IS Bottledaux”.  Way to antagonize me father in me AE breeze, further connect to the days on laptop and in meetings, selling and drawing contracts and composing proposals.  Sonic is the bridge to Bottledaux’s ultimate and most whole actuality.

4:38pm – Class starting soon.  The day lost to my ambition, my anger, my sharp stubbornness, drive.  Have to take out garbage bins, then again in chair.

SB from Kamen Wines, bought day before yesterday and opened last night.  Could be one of my historic favorite Sauv Blanc interpretations, ever.  Travel, see other vineyards… stay there.  Well, I can’t STAY – or, I could if I owned the vineyard.  Hmmm….  Sandstorm now completely behind me and all I see are vines, barrels, me thieving some red juice.