6:38 wake. Preparing to send another contract. Still thinking about last night’s wine, the blend…

everything from the label and her voice.  Would it be in any shop I open, or would I make a wine like that?  Yes.  A thousand times over.

Just sent contract.  Caught self overthinking again…. Why do I let myself do that?  Even asking the question is overthought.  Topic next….

Waiting now on the contracts to be returned.  Latte done.  Busy morning, all revolving around this potential sale which is all but, well no…. Pretty much assured.  But, like I always remind myself, there’s no such think as ink till there’s ink.

Getting away from sales and sales approaches to-day.  Focusing on enjoyment, happiness, writing, my renewed wine projects and momentums.

9:12: Just noticed I crossed over into the 9 hour.  And with a big contract already out.  Again, enjoyment.  Don’t need more coffee, but sparkling water.  Workout at 11:30… 30 cardio, 30 arms.  New routine, new ME, new writing.

199 words for a post is my usual aim, but today I shoot for 300 words for each, at least.  And ten of them.  Smooth jazz playing now, just as background noise.  Not really into it.  So I start some Sonny Rollins – Sunny Side of the Street.  Aiming to be more jazz-like in writing, and the hip-hop love and play and handle on language… the freedom, the self-liberating licks and kicks from one syllable to the next.  Was the first thought at 6:38, when I sat up straits and noticed my phone was dead so I couldn’t take my traditional screenshot so I don’t forget the time.  I said it to my self over and over, about twelve or so times, and yes I counted.

Still counting.  Time for a break on top of this writing break.  Think about this month, what I want done by the ides …. Lunch today, veggie burrito.  That’s planned.  And class tonight… Thinking of cancelling, or rather have it be an independent/writing night.  And I’ll do the same.  Well, that and attempt to control the Big Kids Gang.  Which by the day becomes more challenging, frustrating, and encouraging… educating.