Self 1:1


This month Mike Madigan looks to get closer significantly and tangibly to the target.  And, enjoy self more, however that’s possible.  And it IS possible, he know.  Don’t pressure self as much, take more notes, don’t write such long sentences.  Engage in more encouraging self-talk.  Mike aims to be more organized and free-spirited in prospecting new business and business development.  Play with sales strategy and lead generation.

As well, incorporate wine and the wine industry into EVERYTHING.  Even if it’s just getting a bottle for a vendor or referral partner.  Wine is what’s most pervasively and abundantly known, so what not.

Also, wake early.  Plan is top stop all consumption of everything except water before 9, if possible.  That’s a realistic time, and Mike feels this can be easily met.

Another aim for this new month – NO NAPS.  This is difficult, but the best way to combat lethargic senses is with motion, and of course coffee, or water.  Naps are detrimental to everything. EVERYTHING.  So, no more.  In fact, I’m going to get up right now and take a shower, and kill this sinker I feel accumulating.  And, no more 3rd person in this 1-on-1 sessions with self.  Tried it, and it’s not for me.

After the shower, I’m centralized.  Everything I do as an AE informs this blog and its associated efforts.  The target is the office.  The office is for the blog, and with things settling slowly but assuredly with covid restrictions, my proximity to the target will only improve.


1 – Organize prospecting approach

2 – Wine into EVERYTHING


Other aims in this sitting are secondary and tertiary to these three.  Going forward, at the beginning of every month, I’ll be writing like this, having that talk with self that Mom has always encouraged.