Coffee done, way too quick.  Need a drive.  Where, not sure… go west, toward west county lots. Nothing happening with prospecting, and I mean nothing.  New project, yes another one:  CRACK THE CODE OF LEAD GENERATION.

How do I do that, just talk to everyone.  Who cares if they’re in Sonic’s fiber footprint or not.  You can sell wine to anyone, at least face-to-face (some states won’t let you ship…), so you should be able to sell internet and phone to any business.  That’s my thought, anyway.

Logged two new insurance leads, but I need to get out of this house.  Didn’t go out to lunch, and took a quick nap after hence the reason for the coffee.  So now, yeah…  I need to get out and away from this house.  A drive, music….  who knows what else.

My vaccine appointment, one week from today.  Then I have to wait two weeks till the next one, I think.  Once I have both, back out into the field.  Starting with Petaluma, San Rafael and Novato – Or, Novato THEN San Rafael.

Facebook feed, why do I even look at it anymore.  So many complaints and conflicts.  Drive…