EOD subtitled.  SB being sipped.  Henry asleep in car seat next to me.  He just made a sound that sounded like a laugh and sigh blended.  Peaceful, smallest of my small beats.  Jack and Emma play outside after a short drive down the street past the cows into a little neighborhood, their request. Actually, Emma’s.. “Daddy, can you drive me around the block?” She said from the passenger seat about to close the door.  Of course didn’t say no, Jackie demanded accompany.  Drive down San Miguel, they asked if we could go to the beach really quick since Fulton is just a couple blocks away.  No, I said, it’ll be dark before too long.  They asked me questions about running and if I run this way, I told them yes.  Then they asked several more questions about driving and the weekend, and if we can go to the batting cages again (Jack), and if we can play golf as well (Emma, asking about miniature golf at Scandia).  Both of them now outside playing with one of the neighborhood kids, Jackie saying “I’m FBI, I can do whatever I want…”, waiving his Nerf gun like a rabid cowboy.