Wine. Sebastiani Merlot from the case Jesse sold me.

Tired, not much mood to write.  So… what I do…. write.  Went to Hook & Ladder, only tasted two wines it being so cold and windy outside, a Rosé and an estate Pinot.  Bought the sparkling for wife and left.  Should’ve stayed and had a glass of that Pinot but it worked to my story’s sequence being a brief visit.

Little rendered by the wine tonight had – SB from Martin Ray, Sebastiani Cab opened last night and this Merlot.  Wine-molded, written… it’s in everything, and looking at the two pictures I took at Hook & Ladder, no surprise as it’s night and not morning writing, I’m all about wine and wine writing, making wine and one day seeing my sister and I back on the crush pad doing punch-downs and the kids running around throwing grapes or grape skins at each other and Katie and I demanding they stop.

Past pictures from Facebook memories… time has no thought of forgiveness or sympathy, mercy, or even interaction.  It just moves forward.  Maybe I need to be as cruel as time, as the moment itself not matter how seemingly educating and rewarding.