Idea….. Office hours.

Here, THIS blog.

Questions, answers, maybe no answers just more conversation and interactions , support – What’s wrong with that?

No one comes to actual office hours, ‘cause I can’t fucking have them now with this virtual teaching shit.  So… how about here, Botttledaux.  Not “office hours” like you think them with professors.  Not an office, and I’m not a professor even though people call me #professormikey … Let’s talk.  Now.  Here.  Positive reasons and things, directions and tangible scenes, hopes… what lifts and elevates, favorably annunciates.

Just titling the post, “Office Hours”… because, because.  Think this could be the wine talking.  So what.  Been a week.  Yes I’m one of those now, who looks forward to Friday celebrates when it’s here and detests Monday.  Maybe it’ll change, but that’s me now.

Getting old.. that’s it.  Have more wine, I say to myself.  There, slugged the rest of the Sebastiani Merlot from glass cup I took home from Corte Madera Oktoberfest event I went to with Mark, the Enterprise Sales Director.  Fuck, can’t remember, 2020 or… no, 2019, just after joining Enterprise tribe. Time has no mercy on people like me or anyone.  See and brightly understand that, finally.