First-Hand Demand

1:34pm.  Nap done, was barely over an hour. In fact I don’t think it broke an hour.  Had the other half of a burrito from last night, brushed teeth and made an espresso.  Open blinds, sun.  Thank god.  Not ready for drive just yet ‘cause I honestly have no idea where I’d go or what I’d do, I’m not in a wine tasting mind right now.  Just a drive, yeah maybe.

Back to AE life.  Looking for new vendors but the senior AEs have really made a dent in what’s out there, have them logged in Salesforce as “Protected Vendor”.  Goddamnit.  Keep looking.  Bay Area’s big, you’ll find something.

The espresso is not playing around.  Fire, fuel for fighter jets.

2:03pm and not much happening, on any level or layer.  Going to shave finally so I don’t feel like such an old bloody man, then maybe go for a drive.  Olivet Road possibly, see friend Maureen at Hook & Ladder.  Their wines are consistent, reliable.  Nothing that changes my understanding of wine like some of the bottles I’ve recently tasted.  But always fun to get down there.  And it’s Friday, so fuck it.

Upstairs, razor…