Readying for run.  FINALLY, I think to myself.  Going to load some new songs.  Aim is only 5k.  Starting over as a runner.  New plan.. more shorter runs.  Lower pace.  If I catch myself doing the first mile in 8-anything, I’m going to slow to a glorified old man trot.

Head down San Miguel, then back up, do some laps at park… then play in Coffey Park streets… looping, cul-de-sacs, short streets and void the longer boring ones…

55 degrees right now.  Perfect.  Looking for new songs… don’t eat till after noon.  Have to remind myself… right about now is when the core begs for contribution.

Old friend reaches out to me for some wine information, wineries that I like that might need some DTC assistance.  Say again to self… it’s wine.  Forever.  My topic, my brand, my identity and work in life, life for love-working, more than any lousy labor.. this is all love.