Spent most of yesterday prospecting new businesses in Marin and Berkeley and some Sonoma.  Not many interruptions but wasn’t able to establish the beat that I wanted to.  First portion of the day devoted to more essential businesses like law offices, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, then later in the day jumping around a bit to potential new vendors, tech businesses, and other professions.  Today I’ll be hitting a list another AE gave me for a potential micro in downtown Santa Rosa.

Later in day I’ll be reaching out to some of these new IT firms I found, see if I can start a conversation.  Another full day to self so I should be able to cover quite a bit of ground.  I will say though, my last two sales and how close they were to each other has me impatient, wanting it now.  So, then, cover more ground I remind myself.

Waking earlier this morning and coming right to keys.  No news.  I might check it out in a second, but not for long.  I want another contract in, and now….  Great class last night but I’m still of the person that’s done after this semester.  Then what… the whole summer to build, get to my office, start the wine label, travel assuming the pandemic is more or less behind us.

Coffee working, no doubt.  Take a quick shower then back to desk.  Or maybe, drive to Novato.  I need to get back into the field.  Staying behind this screen, not producing what I want, or need.  Or anything.