Just posted plan for class tonight.  Jack upstairs yelling down to me silly words and phrases in funny voices.  Wish I were more like him, as I’ve said.  Careless and loving, always wanting new knowledge and experience, wanting to share his knowledge and experiences with me, wanting my approval or acknowledgement.  No words, such a sweet boy, kind human, model for ways that would benefit me as a writer and business person.

Shorter run today.  30-45 minutes.  Just noticed time, 12:30.  Call in 30 minutes.  Time in everything I see, even when looking out at the guy in his truck.  How long of a lunch is he taking?  Maybe if they were shorter, and he stayed a bit longer he wouldn’t still be working on these goddamn cabinets and doors, drawers and the siding and whatever else.  He’s usually off before 3, and gets here at 8:30.  Said he might still have to come tomorrow.  Jesus, I say to myself.. how long is this shit going to take?

Don’t want to think about it anymore… just going to agitate me.  Think about the run.  30 minutes, I decided.  Downloaded a 30-minute run.  And yes, tomorrow…