Saint Again

7:38 wakeup.  One coffee so far, still working on it.  Two appointments for today.

Shades opened, foggy outside.  May go get a latte, or……

Feeling yesterday’s short run which only tells me I need to get out there again, toward EOD when either the kids are outside with Melissa or inside with the rain.  If the rain, if it ever arrives, is excessively intense then no run which I wouldn’t object to.  I don’t know, run is TBA….

Class last night has me thinking about my book. What is it?  Do I have one or am I just a journal-ist?  Maybe just a journalist and blogger…. And if that’s all then that’s all.  Why do I keep thinking about it?

“Dada… can we have daddy breakfast?” Emma asks.  I say yes as I want the morning to be as hassle and stress-free as possible.  Need 10 posts today, length unimportant.  To stay on post-pace, detail everything that’s happening especially whatever I would just assume is boring to readers, or just boring to me.

Coffee…. Need more.  Leaving soon for coffee.  Both kids in a great mood and acting silly, Jackie doing his usual voices and trying to make little Henry laugh.  Henry, 5 months old tomorrow.  How.  What?  Is that possible?  The five month old trying to say something, and Jackie screams “Emma you BUTTHOLE..” I laugh and get in trouble and see pages in their conversation.  A book to each, which I’ve thought before.  Jack Patrick…. Emma Catherine….  Henry Lucas Robert, and whatever other names he has.  Think I have them all.  Wait, Henry….  Lucas…..  Robert Madigan.  Yes.  I’m good.

A scuffle bubbles between Emma and Melissa, Jack fans flames.  Henry makes a hilarious sound and I can be heard laughing, I’m sure.  Should get into AE mode in a minute.  My thought yesterday on a book, the ‘AE Daze’ idea, initially spelled and titled ‘Account Executive dayz’…. Simmering in thought skillet, now sitting here at desk.