Sent in credit request for one client, which for some reason was stressing me.

Now, ready for follow up on outstanding bids and proposals.  Dad recommended thinking outside box, attracting new business same way I would if in the field.  Need to be on camera, in front of people over Zoom, or what do we use…. Accession.  Either way, be in front of people.  Noted.

Kids on their zoom calls.  How to advance today…. Calls, emails.  Organize leads.  My call back grid, need to utilize that more.  Generating leads, the project for the day.  Do not let yourself be dependent on inbounds, EVER.

Going to need another cup.  FULL one.  Or do I latte?

Research lead generation….. AE stories, prospecting during the pandemic.  There has to be a code-crack here somewhere.  Somewhere…..

AE’s experiencing same, but they’re not me.  I have tools available.  Listing tools, that’s something I haven’t done.  Attitude architecture, letter writing… zooms, calling past and present conversations….  LinkedIn leads….  GENUINE CONNECTION.

If anything, this #WFH reality offers more opportunity to do so.  You’re not just walking into their business, catching them on one heel.  They can respond at their call, if they elect.