Too hungry to run.  Have lunch at noon, run at 3.  That’s the plan.  And, read, at some point.  Car drives by, I need a drive.  Don’t want the leftover burrito one of the kids didn’t eat.  Then what do I have.  No, have that.  Don’t spend any money.  And don’t even think about trying to get out of your run.  Little over 3 hours away.

Maybe I should go now.  Run away from and out of and past this mood that’s sticking to me like some weird supernatural paste.


Lunch done, set timer for 2 hours.  Will run then.  What if I tested myself, ran 8 like I used to.  All honesty don’t think I’m in that level of condition.  Oh well… sexy thought nonetheless.

Kids outside playing baseball, or catch with each other.  Feel like I could nap.  Not doing it.  Brush teeth, have an espresso shot.  My routine.

Full.  Feeling slow.  Ebb a little low.  Move around.  Write in journal, don’t type as much.  Good idea. (?)

Wish I could be more like them, Jack and Emma.  Just wanting to play, climb trees that aren’t at all for climbing or can’t be climbed.. enjoy…