Prospecting and making a project of it

much more than I have been.  Emma in school, Jackie as well.  Trying to raise mood.  Just keep moving.  Forget about January.  February… calling and emails, and soon out in the field.

Emma’s teacher talking loud, then calling on Emma… me feeling bugged, ignoring.  Call at 11 with Engineer and Petaluma prospect.  Hoping he’ll sign quick, the SF prospect as well.  Nothing more I can do but nurture the conversation.

Hear Henry playing upstairs, making that what I call dragon sound.  Emma and her classmates saying “byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye….” On break.  She says she wants to play with her little brother, so she does with the help of her mother.

Running at 3… avowed.  To end of North Coffey then back then decide if I want to do more.  Thinking maybe down Waltzer and reconnect to San Miguel, then a little Fulton?

Okay….. into prospecting.  Finding new businesses, being an Account Executive.  Break at 10:30.  Idea….. teaching.  Class.  Over Summer and Fall, just thinking about it.