sales journal…

Latte this morning.  Going to hit everything.  Find leads.  Goal for day is three strong leads generated on my own, NO INBOUNDS.

Have a couple possibilities. No strong leads though, not yet.

Running at high noon.  Already have route committed.  Charging phone, will listen to playlist while in stomp…

Settling more or less in a vertical for prospecting – the ABC idea once more or Architects, Builders, Construction.  Will keep self there.  Anything else is just exploratory, experiment.

Called for rain today but only overcast so far. Little sun slithering though little break in stratus.  Break in the cloudiness of my head, with a message one of the AE’s posted in chat.  Hmmmm…..  Have another idea, then another.  Yesterday was nothing like this.  And that’s my doing, letting a mood or attitude wrap ‘round my lobes like a bastard boa.

10:53 – Break technically over.  Coffee done— I mean latte.  Sending more emails, looking up architects and architecture firms.  Hear Emma running from one side of second floor to other, saying “Yes, Mom…” Everything so simple to her and Jack, and Henry.  Why do we complicate with age?  With self-puncturing demeanors and scowls.

Psychology….. theoretical.  Control, actual.