Leads and organization general.  Just sent proposal to prospect, finally.  Have a couple other leads that have increased in temp.  5 mile run… no reading yet.  Later, once I have a lamp on desk that’s not in the garage.  Focusing on the #prospectesk project.  Made list of all places where leads could materialize, or where I could find a lead, or conversation.

Moving, still… this sales story I don’t want to read as a how-to, ‘cause in many respects I have no idea what I’m doing.  In fact, as I think I posted earlier in a post, I feel a little imposter syndrome about me lately.  Working through it with movement.  Constantly moving, focusing on the process, not stressing, valuing the conversation and genuine connection.

Kids playing upstairs.  Again reminding me to play, look around, search.  Listen to more music.  Henry trying to communicate something, making those noises till something happens… either he’s fed or held or taken outside.  Something.  Another lesson.  Make noise until something happens.

Everything around me, for this page.  For my “sales” journal.  Need to stop calling it that.  This is all writing, a developing story.  Developing character, me.  This is MIKE MADIGAN.  Learned.