Little writing break. Jack insisted on buying me a latte,

his mother a mocha.  So, I drove to SBUX to acquire.  Driving there I thought more about music, and the relevance of it in my story, in business, in anything.  In what the kids say, in how I write, teach, everything.

I’ll be on bike today, avowing and declaring so.  Probably at EOD, so I can stay in chair, write and prospect more.  Checked in with another AE and he tells me the same, prospecting isn’t yielding much in this covid atmosphere, in this new year.  I fret no more and fire self up to keep moving, make a business from lead accrual. The #prospectesk project given new life under the Bottledaux head, and more notes taken in such vein.

Neighbor parks his obnoxiously large truck, I smell the candle burning in kitchen, like a sweet vanilla apple.  Want that in the office, music… speaking of, play something.  San San Rock, by Thievery.  Motivated to do more from the temp, guitar hits and horns, that reggae vibe with an electronica subtext.

Emma upstairs and told to log in.  I should log back into AE life, now.  First though, more notes.

Interrupted by a tech issue with Emma’s zoom class, not working was the password on the laptop so she now uses her mother’s phone.  Working at home is riddled with interruptions and potential interruptions.  I see another project in this, targeting parents as audience.  Not targeting, but you know what I mean.  Tending to, communicating, creating opportunity and solutions for us.

Writing break over.  But not before a latte sip, looking outside.  It may actually rain now that I look at the color of clouds and the little ripples in their siding.

Back to AE seas….